Turtle rescue

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One the way back from greater metropolitan Berryville, Jack and I came across (and almost went across) a snapping turtle in the road.

Why did the snapping turtle stop crossing the road?

We moved it over to the side with a stick. The turtle kept biting the end of the stick off. It was not happy.

Mountain Bitters


Round about December, I started playing (all original) music with Allen Kitselman and Clark Hansbarger. Sometimes Mike Jewell plays too…that is, when he can tear his attention away from virtual video racing.

On Saturday we did some recording at the cabin in Waterford. An intense day (6 hours or so of concentration and fun), but damn that was good.

Being a fiddle player, I was relegated to the washer/dryer/refrigerator closet behind a curtain. Damn noisy instrument.

Banned behind the curtain.

Hmm. I’m not even sure if that mic was on come to think of it.

Long live musica with the Mountain Bitters.

Sunshine on my shoulders…

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You *are* pretty, but you’re a Rock!

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Joan of Art

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Imagine my surprise when a side trip to see one of April Claggett’s paintings in a juried show revealed that an old friend I had known casually for years was an accomplished artist.  As it turns out, Joan Barrows had an entire lobby devoted to her stuff (in multiple media). Oil, photography, watercolor, and some plants.

In the lobby show, there were two works that particularly caught my eye, both in black and sepia oil.  One was a wren’s nest. It’s in the pile now. You can definitely sense Joan’s photographer’s eye here.

Joan Barrow's work.

I like the dark in this piece. The dark reminds me of some of Monet’s boat paintings. Funny how my memory of the nest piece as experienced in NH is different than its more sepia reality now.

I bid on (and won) a chicken too.

Joan does chicken.

One of my favorite aspects of our growing art collection is the pieces created by friends.

Spring begins, 2012

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Crocustulip tips and sunshineCornus florida buds..look for progressive movement this spring.

Early Spring Peeper – Pseudacris crucifer


Poor little guy had an early awakening from dormancy when we moved some wood down to the house. It’s back out in the leaf littler now.ImageImageImage

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