The adult kids were in town from their far flung new homes (Josie in Berlin and Eli in Indiana), xmas music was on constant rotation in the living room, we had a surprise visit from a four year old, petisa was baked, a beast was roasted, the Sydney opera house was constructed, and the christmooses showed up in IU Cogsci gear.  Warm and cozy and Christmas-y.

The xmas eve eve bar spread.  Beer cheese for the win!

A little mouse visited on xmas eve and kept us up all night.  Romey reads the Moomin book as all the animals listen in.

Petisa goes best with veuve clicquot.

Christmas morning before the deluge.

One very excited granddaughter.  She graciously jumped up and down after opening each present.

Heels by the bar.

The roast beast, carved by me, not the grinch.