Yes indeedy. Here is our esteemed producer getting the lights set up for a smash of a show last night at the Barns of Rose Hill. Wait, that’s Apothecaryshedster herself! Thanks Ame for running a superb show.

This may or may not be a 90 foot ladder.

What a show. The energy from the audience….that is, you guys…and the gorgeous acoustics in the room at the Barns of Rose Hill really drove us last night. Wow. What a pleasure to play for you. Thanks for coming out and supporting two great causes. We had 165+ in the door (with 150 chairs in the room), and raised over $2500 when you thrown in the beer tab. (I’ll send out the real numbers when we add em up.) Your enthusiasm, close listening, and emotional response makes our performance one of the great pleasures of being alive. We really can’t thank you enough.

Allen and Gina, muchas gracias for joining us on stage for the grand finale. You guys rock. Here’s a picture of Where’s Aubrey++ playing Time Runs Like a Rabbit captured by Michael Hobert.

Where's Aubrey++

Lets do it again soon!