Stardust Club, and Low-light. Kyoto.

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Strolling the street of the Geisha and looking for a pre-dinner drink in low-light lovely conditions, we found The Stardust Club. Wonderful company and American Blues sung from the heart by an expressive-faced man. Perfect.


The fans sing of Angel Heart.

DSCF0113 2.jpg







and off 

Rock and Roll Fantasy Tokyo

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If you go out carousing with Pat Dunne, don’t expect to be home much before daybreak.

Tokyo nightlife

After some great cocktails and some snacks, we were off to catch a couple of bands.

The opener, The Dead Bambies, talked and joked as much as they played, but when they played they were punk as fuck.

Jungles!!! was loud as hell. Standing in the speaker cone was probably a bad idea. Two days of hearing recovery required. All four musicians were women, but a “girl band” this was not.

Robyn in Crablandia

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Here’s looking at you Robyn.


Yes, you.


Psychedelically speaking, that is.



The show was held in Annapolis at the Ram’s Head with a capacity crowd on a Saturday afternoon. The time feel in the venue is set to “Vegas.” Could be most anytime but definitely night time, even at 1:00pm. The food does not suck even though the ditzy waitresses are way too loud.

Robyn played a handful of the songs on the great new self-titled record. Buy it for yourself.





And some old favorites that the crowd adored.



mug sans portal


By far the most amusing and entertaining part of the show was the “free part,” that being the part with the banter. We had to pay for the music part. Worth every post-Brexit penny.




Did I already say Robyn played some of the songs on the great new self-titled record? Well he did.


Then there was this.



Trickster plays covers in new shirt.

Catch the tour if you can.

Aimee Mann Plays Lincoln

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If you have not yet listened to Aimee Mann’s new LP Mental Illness, stop reading and get it. It’s great work.

Like me, you may listen to it over and over again as it seeps into your brain. Track 1 Goose Snow Cone is my favorite new song (especially the string arrangement).

Played live, the songs are just as powerful even though the string quartet is not on the tour (replaced by a fantastic pianist and his trusty synthesizer). Anybody who knows me knows how I feel about real strings. Hire more violinists!

Aimee Mann played the Lincoln Theater last Thursday with Jonathan Coulton and a supporting band that includes her producer on bass. The band was super talented.

The Lincoln Theater stage. View from the balcony is very good.

Sound and light guys never get any credit

Aimee played most of the songs from her new LP during the show.


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The Woodshedders at the Barns of Rose Hill, November 19.

The Woodshedders BORH 2016

The Woodshedders BORH 2016

Trunk o Merch

Trunk o Merch




Crowd goes wild

Ritt Dietz Live

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Remember that Wisconsin gig? Me either.

But maybe these pictures will jog our collective memory??? Mr Ritt Dietz, it is a pleasure to play music with you. Big love.

Ritt Dietz and friends (including me on the fiddle)

Ritt Dietz and friends (including me on the fiddle)

If I Had a Boat covered by Ritt Dietz

If I Had a Boat covered by Ritt Dietz

Ritt's band includes Wilder Dietz, his very talented son

Ritt’s band includes Wilder Dietz, his very talented son

Had a blast playing fiddle in Wisconsin

Had a blast playing fiddle in Wisconsin

My bet is we’ll be doing this again!

Cheese! Music in Wisconsin


RD Trio Goodman house concert 17aug16

Dropping off Eli at Beloit. And playing some music with Ritt. Woo hoo!

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