Kimonos, and Light.

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Whether worn day to day, borrowed for a special occasion, or rented just for fun, kimonos are lovely, especially when the light is right.


Young girl walks through arches at Fushimi-Inari-Taisha


Playing with color filters on my new camera.



a model photographer!


at Senjo-ji Temple


Model caught between poses at Senso-ji Temple.


and her formal look. 

Where are you from? The Country Roads place.

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When you travel all over the world, people always ask where you are from. Fortunately, we are from “the Country Roads place.” Inevitably, this leads to singing.

Life of a Lupine in 5 +2

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Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 5


Two weeks pass, a seed-puff mass.IMG_20170708_140714.jpg

Stone or Bone?

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Cute little fella I met in the barn. #farmlife IMG_20170722_115029.jpg


The morning after the Morning After..

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That fahr was HOT!IMG_20170710_102346-1.jpg



Still smoking, they are.



Inspired by friendship and nature.

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She is gaining in years like most of us.

No thoughts or concerns too glamorous.

She likes it raw,

crunched up in her jaw –

A sturdy green sprig of Asparagus!


Jack Graduates Cum Laude from NYU

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NY is always a blast to visit, but this trip was the most special NY run ever!  We are proud of our #1 son.

It was a super hot day to be in the direct sun at Yankee Stadium.  Fortunately, w all survived.



A second ceremony for the College of Arts and Sciences was held at Radio City the next day.



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