Performing in Campiglia Cervo: Into the Unknown


The stadium in Campiglia Cervo is scaled to match the interstate highway system that blazes through the center of town.  We packed the stadium to the gills with what I am told was 65 people, including the vice mayor who introduced us, but not including the mayor himself who had more important things to do like look at himself in the mirror.  Just so you know, this was a much bigger show than the show Metallica put on at the same stadium!

The show was actually very good.  Intimate. Interesting. Tight.  During the rest of our time in Rialmosso we ran into lots of people who either attended or heard through the grapevine about our performance.  That was both really cool and very gratifying.

So what happened, exactly?

First we invented the idea.  And we practiced.  Then Matt arrived and things got remarkably much better.  in the end, the performance included:

April Claggett, realtime art

Gary McGraw, violin, mandolin and vocal harmony

Matt Savage, piano

Sogol Shirazi, piano and dance

Rhine Singleton, guitar, dobro, vocals, songwriting

The road crew set the stage after arriving the day before to check electricity levels and make sure all of the seating was available.  We have nothing but admiration for our intrepid road crew.  They work so hard so we can do what we do.

The show consisted of three parts as shown on the billboard above.

Here is a stage floor view of the set list for those of you collecting bootlegs.

And a view of the nosebleed seating in the back before anyone was in the house.  You can see the dancing props professionally built by our dedicated construction crew.

Publicity was run by our crack PR team who were able to put up a poster with the last of the tape.

Fortunately that poster was all it took to fill the space to the gills.  When we started (only 5 minutes late), people were standing because the seating was gone.  Even the reserved section for mastiffs and toddlers was full.

We sincerely appreciate the willingness of the locals in the area to support our art with enthusiasm and love!

The stage is set.  The weather is perfect.

And we’re off. Sogol and Matt play Bach together.

Dancing to Vivaldi Concerto in G major for Two Mandolins, Strings and Continuo, RV 532 (re-re-arranged for violin, guitar and piano).

Realtime art during We Will Float Away.

Then the game.

Here is a (raw) video compilation of the show, barely edited.  This is six minutes of an hour long show.

A complete properly-produced video will be available someday (or so we believe). We are told it is being edited by the BBC in cooperation with NPR.

Another view of the Finale from the audience.

We had so much fun inventing the game and performing it that we want to do it again.



Where’s Aubrey in the Studio


On a day that started with a very early drive by the frozen Shenandoah River, we headed to National Media Services to record an all new Where’s Aubrey CD. The songs were written in India, worked over in Italy, recombobulated in New Hampshire over several days, performed live in Virginia and were finally ready for the crucible that is the studio.

Will Shenk and Rhine Singleton prepping

Will Shenk and Rhine Singleton prepping

Rhine Singleton of Where's Aubrey

Rhine Singleton of Where’s Aubrey

Will Shenk, the master sound engineer was once again a joy to work with.

Will Shenk setting up Gary McGraw

Will Shenk setting up Gary McGraw

Just a few mics for this session.  Gary McGraw of Where's Aubrey/

Just a few mics for this session. Gary McGraw of Where’s Aubrey/

The highlight of the day was the addition of James Muschler of Moon Hooch on the tabla. Just wow. So much fun to play with James!

James Muschler of Moon Hooch records with Where's Aubrey

James Muschler of Moon Hooch records with Where’s Aubrey

Now comes the engineering, which will take several weeks. And then a brand new CD!

The Bitter Liberals Back in the Studio

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The Bitter Liberals were back in the studio recording yesterday. We recorded my song Sacrificial Lambs exactly one year to the day after the Newtown children’s massacre.

Gary McGraw of The Bitter Liberals

Gary McGraw of The Bitter Liberals

More photos from the studio are on the Bitter Liberals website.