The triangle shelf

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Way back in July 2021, Allen Kitselman sent the final design for the triangle shelf to me.  We looked into having them built and every bid was way too high.  Time went by fast and two years and three months later here they are.  (We found a reasonable builder.)

Golden ratio much?

Romey picked out the color (and all the dark blue was repainted to match it).

These shelves are meant to display art, and we started with a beautiful original print by Emily Shepardson called Atlas Series Europe from 2019.

Inspiration for the design came from the paint cube in the corner, the stairs, and some math…oh, and the cat.




“I like it when a good plan comes together.”

A Quick Tate

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Heading to the Tate Modern after landing in London has become quite the tradition.  This was a quick hit through the regular collection.

A view from the terrace at the top: London caged.

Yayoi was unavailable (advance tickets required) so see this entry instead.

Vigeland Park Oslo

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Two Bitter Liberals on Stage 11/11 in Berryville

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Nick Schrenk, the consumate Winchester-based jazz drummer, and Gary McGraw, lifetime fiddle player (or is that violin?), will be performing together on stage again during the Where’s Aubrey benefit concert for the Barns of Rose Hill. They will be joined by Richmond-based multi-instrumentalist and professional-musician, Charles Arthur, and Where’s Aubrey frontman, New-Hampshire-based Rhine Singleton.

Tickets are on sale now. We recommend getting your tickets in advance, soon. Use this link –> https://bit.ly/WA-BORH23 (or call the box office directly at (540) 955-2003).

See details on the poster below.

Nick Schrenk on the drums

The Munch Museum Iteration Three

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Romey and I went to the brand new Munch museum in Oslo.  This is the third iteration of the museum, which started at the Munch house itself, moved up the hill for a while, and is now located by the harbor next to the opera house.  The facility is beautiful, and the art is displayed professionally in a world-class way.

Plan to spend several hours following your nose.

One of our favorite pictures from Oslo comes from the upper floors.

The exhibition spaces are well designed, spacious, and properly-lit.

We made some etching/rubbings of our own.

But of course the main draw is the art on the fourth floor.

Of course we saw the scream (in two of three views)

The Madonna

Escalators abound.

The SOLO OSLO by Admir Batlak is stunning.  Fun with fabric.  Art with deep roots in design.

We learned a ton about Alice Neel, especially by watching the excellent documentary included as part of the exhibit.  Wow.

Alice was in many ways decades ahead of herself for her entire life.


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We picked an ideal Fall day for a first visit to Glenstone.  Well, mine anyway.  Richard has been going to Glenstone throughout its history.

The illegally captured bits (apparently no pictures are allowed inside the gallery spaces).

Richard in the sun.


Airplane out of nowhere.

Echo: Cirque De Soleil in DC

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Driving by the big top at the Galleria tipped us off that Cirque was in town.

So we got last minute tickets.  Excellent show, though the narrative was pretty much non-existent.  The acrobatics remain thrilling and astounding of their own accord.

Where’s Aubrey: New Song from Hole

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Where’s Aubrey has completed work on a new record (now in duplication pre-release) called Hole. The last track on the record is a Where’s Aubrey classic called “one more roadhouse.” Here is a pre-release version of that song all mastered and ready to go,

The Ulluh and his sister created the art for the new record, about which more later. Here’s the cover.

Hole will be released on November 11th (veterans day) at the Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville. We hope you will come join us.

Get your tickets now!

Best Jazz in Boston: The Mad Monkfish

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Excellent cocktails, interesting food, and world class jazz.  If you get a chance to catch a Sunday show in Cambridge at the Mad Monkfish, just do it.

Fashion in the Big Pickle: Karl Lagerfeld- A Line of Beauty at the MOMA

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A quick hit to NY was just the right opportunity to spend a few hours steeped in high fashion.  The MOMA’s Karl Lagerfeld show is excellent.  Well curated, interesting, and aware of its own ridiculous nature.  Go see for yourself.

First, your hosts all snazzed up.  (One eagle eyed NY fashion geek recognized Romey’s vintage skirt.)

Without further commentary, some bits for the bit pile, led off by sparkle. We proceed backwards in time.


We pause now for station identification.

This interlude brought to you by Romey’s eye for high fashion.


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