The triangle shelf

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Way back in July 2021, Allen Kitselman sent the final design for the triangle shelf to me.  We looked into having them built and every bid was way too high.  Time went by fast and two years and three months later here they are.  (We found a reasonable builder.)

Golden ratio much?

Romey picked out the color (and all the dark blue was repainted to match it).

These shelves are meant to display art, and we started with a beautiful original print by Emily Shepardson called Atlas Series Europe from 2019.

Inspiration for the design came from the paint cube in the corner, the stairs, and some math…oh, and the cat.




“I like it when a good plan comes together.”

Emily Shepardson’s “Fly Like Winging Birds”

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Our friend Emily was just awarded her Master of Interdisciplinary Studies from VCU. Her Master’s Thesis work is on exhibit at the Education Center Gallery in Arlington, VA. Great stuff Em. Congrats on your accomplishment and your thoughtful work.






Go see the show yourself while it is still up through the end of August.