Bamboo, for U. そして、田舎の道路

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Dynamic, baby!

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The are getting married!


wonder if he knows “Country Roads..”

フード, indeed

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The best ramen, tsukemen, cold noo-noos dipped.


the makers of the best ramen in the hippest ramen space in town. Tokyo- Fuunji, thanks.


Some like it RAW – put me on the Sushi Train.

The Conductor.

DSCF0131 2

Just meat.


Kaiseki – catch it when you can.


eaters, dressed for the part.


Nishiki Market, Kyoto.

Protein Snack this, my friend.


Fabulous fish flakes.DSCF0083.jpg


And the Famous Bento Box. Prepackaged cooked food, room temp. Japan. Train food. Sticky rice superb.


Kimonos, and Light.

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Whether worn day to day, borrowed for a special occasion, or rented just for fun, kimonos are lovely, especially when the light is right.


Young girl walks through arches at Fushimi-Inari-Taisha


Playing with color filters on my new camera.



a model photographer!


at Senjo-ji Temple


Model caught between poses at Senso-ji Temple.


and her formal look.

Bamboo in Kyoto

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In a northwestern neighborhood of Kyoto called Arashiyama, there is bamboo. Walking through the grove is magical. Cameras don’t quite do it justice, but here are some pictures and videos anyway.






Three Shrines in Japan


As a tourist visiting Japan, shrines are a must. We spent time in three large temple complexes.

Tokyo Meiji Jingu

This shinto shrine is relatively new and is somehow associated with the imperial family post WWII. The gardens and parks are in the middle of Tokyo and are a respite from traffic and crowds. Lots of people but lots of coexisting.


Tokyo Senso-ji

This temple seems very much more Buddhist. Also in town, it is surrounded by shops and stalls on all sides. The zen gardens are the best aspect.


Kyoto Fushimi Inari

This world heritage site is just incredible. Millions of arches all painted orange of different sizes create an line a long path up and around the mountain. When we walked this path it was a warm day and by the top I was soaking wet with sweat. Beautiful views from the 15 or so stations/shrines juxtapose the natural beauty of the mountain with the bustling city of Kyoto in the distance.

Art in the Open: Hakone Japan


The Hakone Outdoor Museum is Fantastic

An outdoor sculpture garden in the mountains of Japan. What more could you want?

Submitted mostly without comment. Skip the Picasso. Go for the Moore.