River Run with Joan and John

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Ah, the Shenandoah.  Though the river is desperately low this summer, floating down it is relaxing and wonderful.

The JoanJohn monster glom.

The romey.

All together now.

And then we had cocktails and played a little music.  Yes please!


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Irises for your iris

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Irises are my favorite flower.  So we have lots of them and are always looking for more.


Not an iris.

The new poplar tree on the old tree house location.

Snek Fren on Farm

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Three different days.  Three different snakes.  This eastern black snake was on the trail by the river.

This long black racer lives under the red shed.  We see him pretty often.

This rat snake was also on the trail by the river.

It’s funny how non-poisonous snakes act all dangerous and really dangerous snakes just disappear.

Spring Peak #2

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Spring springs eternal.   Or around here, at least three times.  This is peak number 2 of 2023 Spring.

Bleeding heart in bloom.

This is the flaming bush from the old testament (as far as I know anyway).

For more bluebells, see this posting.



Celandine poppy

Red elderberry

Dutchman’s britches

Bluebells Peak April 2, 2023

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It’s early for the peak.  But the peak it is along the banks of the Shenandoah.

Romey looks like a bluebell too.

Moonshine does not look like a bluebell.  Nor does he smell like one.

There are also other flowers available.

Big Dog, Little Girl

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Look at that smile on Moonshine’s face.

Tree elf.


Little creatures are exhausting.

Ginko Yellow

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This is apparently the largest Ginko stand in North America, found at Blandy Experimenal Farm in Virginia.  We went during peak color change with Moonshine.


Lets Almost Go See a Waterfall in Norway: Vettisfossen


The day could not have been prettier.  Light rain, but gorgeous light.  And peak Fall leaves.  And waterfalls everywhere you look.  The funny thing is, though we hiked about 13km, we never made it to the big waterfall!  Ran out of light.

I guess we’ll just have to go back

THIS is not the one!  But look.  Spectacular does not even begin to describe this walk.

We had some very late lunch very near the top at an old farmstead and village.

The turn around point.

Kongevegen, Norway Hiking and the Stave Church

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The trail, built by hand with horses and carts through steep mountain passes, is incredible.  Like a movie set.  This is one hike in Norway not to miss.  We did a few kilometers day hike to the Stave Church completed in the 1180s.

The Kings Road is what Kongevegen means, BTW.  The scenery at peak Fall is stunning and magical.

Romey and the logo bench.


Just up over the pass the first view of the Stave Church.

We approached from behind (with a herd of sheep).  These are not the sheep!


Our fearless leader Nova.

Don’t eat the mushrooms.

A quiet moment of conversation.

A boy and his dog!

An impressive waterfall on the drive home.

Coffee stop.

And back home for beer and a small fire.  This is the only kind of smoking that I like to do.

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