Life of a Lupine in 5 +2

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Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 5


Two weeks pass, a seed-puff mass.IMG_20170708_140714.jpg

Stone or Bone?

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Cute little fella I met in the barn. #farmlife IMG_20170722_115029.jpg


The morning after the Morning After..

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That fahr was HOT!IMG_20170710_102346-1.jpg



Still smoking, they are.



How Does Your Garden Grow: 2017 Edition

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It all started with the third and final corn plantation.

The garden, now features a Sycamore annex

5 hours of gardening today, making up for lost time


Hot pepper looking weak so far

Husk melon

Husk melon

Russian sunflowers (for putin)

Summer squash

gourds and flowers

Tiny watermellon (one day this will be a 20 foot in diameter plant)

Giant pumpkin (smallest plant in the garden)


tomato land


tomatillo (first time for me in 30 years)

Sweet peppers (also looking rather skinny)


two varieties of sunflowers

cucumber. lost three plants so far, this is the only survivor

onion and shallot land

corn from the back


beets and radishes

brussel sprouts by the strawberry patch

There’s more, but that’s where we stand on June 9th. Two weeks and the beach will render this garden completely different!

Shenandoah by Helicopter


Today was a good day for a helicopter ride.

Morning field with amy

Morning field with amy

It was all Hollis’s idea. His helicopter too.

Control console

Control console

Sycamore Ghost

Sycamore Ghost

Beautiful day for flying

Beautiful day for flying

Visibility high

Visibility high

Shenandoah River

Shenandoah River

Fall colors from the sky

Fall colors from the sky

Incredibly fun. Now we want a helicopter again for the first time since 1993. Thanks Hollis!

Blooming, dying, running, flying, heat, chill, wind.. still.

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Sweetly. moistly nestled.

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like friends in the dew Watermelon Park Fest.IMG_4173.jpgIMG_4169.jpg

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