Lego Species and Little Girls

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It’s a lego.

It’s not a Lego.

Interstitial tea party.

And more.

The end.

Iulie on the Farm

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Down to the river

Checking on the new tree (planted earlier this year).



Iulie Turns Five

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Sometimes you turn five.

Three generations.

Of course there was cake, decorated by O.



The present pile was impressive.


Iulie’s Spring Visit

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Things are busy when you visit Bubbie at the farm.  Always good to stock up on jelly beans first!  A late visit from the Easter Bunny…

In the buttercups.

One of our highlights each visit is walking along the river on our trail.  Iulie is a trooper, but about a mile or so of the walk is usually on piggyback.

Brand new leaves (one day old)

There are lot of animals to contend with, including Boot the cat.

What’s better?  Strawberries?  Captain Crunch?

We planted some Zinia seeds here.  Now we have two wait two weeks!  Which is infinity when you’re four.

Wild times with Moonshine on the trampoline in the “park.”

“Hello?  I can’t hear you, I have a banana in my ear.”

Hole digging before tree planting.

The great grandparents celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary.   Fancy pants dinner was fun, even at 4 and 86.

Three generations (with a fourth not here).  Mother, daughter, granddaughter.

Candyland for the 999th time.

The new sycamore planted by Iulie herself with some help from the tractor.

Then a party for Claudio where new friends were made.  Girls in a tree.

The trampoline is electrifying.

The long days catch up.