The morning after the Morning After..

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That fahr was HOT!IMG_20170710_102346-1.jpg



Still smoking, they are.



Getting High in the Highlands, take 2.

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The Guide Guiding.


A Peat Hag is not a Witch..IMG_9910.JPG

The Best and Worst of Light


Strangely, No Snow, almost.


The Climb Continues, the Dragon Looms.


The softness of Stone – A Kiss.IMG_9915.JPG

Nope – Not there yet!IMG_9919.JPG

Ahhhhh ahhh Ahhhhh AHHHHhhhhhhh! (sing this)IMG_9920.jpg

Black Killearns (which according to our ecstatic guide, Les said you “never see!”) in the distance.IMG_9921.JPG

Passel of Pietra Ponders…IMG_9926.JPG

Dude…really? IMG_9933.JPG

Chilling Up as Moving Down


Man, Nature Confide, Low Tide


Thanks for Sharing, my Friend.IMG_9940.JPG


Scotland. Stop 1, revisited.

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They vote with their Dandelions.IMG_9902.JPG

Room with A View.


Oh The Water, Oh,oh The Water, got it myself from the Mountain Stream.IMG_9899.JPG


Mountain man discovers bridge.IMG_20170505_115607.jpg

Blooming, dying, running, flying, heat, chill, wind.. still.

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Forrest Writes a Book

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Our neighbor Forrest Pritchard just published a book. Amy stole it, so I have not read it yet (wish me luck getting it back), but my bet is it is both entertaining and clear headed. I thumbed through it today after our copy arrived, and I can’t wait to read it. Sustainable agriculture, organic farming, ecological stewardship, and local food; what’s not to like? We salute you Forrest.

Order it from amazon.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 11.19.58 PM