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Prospective Buyers approach the Home..IMG_20180714_141213.jpg




Discerning Client…discerns.


Wait! Wait!   I need to see it, I saw it online FIRST!


Dissed by the discerner…



But, yes!  The non-discerning client doesn’t give a hoot about tires and stuff.





Shenandoah Flood of 2018


Puck senses danger. Tail up!

We started flood preparation in earnest the day before the flood crested (assuming that it crests today, that is). Fortunately, the great people at NOAA have a hydrograph that is extremely helpful for flood preparation. Here is the sensor nearest us at Millville.

The Millville hydrograph was wrong this time

Predictions said that the river would crest at 7am on June 4th at 15.6 feet. The prediction was off by 2 feet so far, but as far as we can tell from observation, the crest will happen soon.

We moved the boats up and rescued the submerged tables.

prep time minor flooding

the garden still above water

river peninsula already under water

truck full of table

Amy took out her kayak. The dogs followed.

Then it was time for a cocktail. The Last Word…hmm.

Last Word, hopefully not appropriately named

mogli got a workout in the flood

The flood in earnest started overnight. First major indication of prediction error was that the car bridge submerged around 10pm. Jack and Eli arrived from DC (Jack came down from NY) around 11. We ignored the road closed signs, drove in the back way to our car bridge and forded the now lake-like creek in the dark.

In the morning, we woke up to discover that the crest had not yet happened. Time to move the cars!

getting close to the cars

The river is getting very close to the house now. About 2-3 feet of vertical elevation left before the basement floods. This calls for some kayaking.

the new lake house

garden down

solstice fire spared

driveway or boat ramp?

road sign

visiting the neighbors by kayak

solstice fire, from the new lake

checking the fence line

garden swampland

the house

the new driveway

Paddling in the Amazon, or, err, Wheat Spring Branchazon

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Skillet on the Wading Bridge, Formerly, Walking Bridge, soon to be Bridgeless Bridge

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Wading Bridge

Wading Bridge

Walking Bridge

Walking Bridge

Walking Bridge??

Walking Bridge??

Bridgeless Bridge

Bridgeless Bridge

Is She gonna Break? Why the River Floods later.

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Big Rain. Big Big Rain.

Apple Harvest, Barleyfield Orchard, Va

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Working at my Father’s orchard for the first time in several years this fall. Usually I drove a tractor, but this time I’m getting to know the pickers as I let them know (in broken Spanish) that there should be no bruises or rot on the apples in the bin. Good people, amazing fruit.

Photo: Amy Barley "Manuel"

Photo: Amy Barley

A lovely Ida red.
Photo: Amy Barley

Photo: Amy Barley

Ida Reds- Photo Amy Barley

Ida Reds- Photo Amy Barley



The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Model is Cool: Here Comes the Flood

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Living on the Shenandoah River is made easier because of the superb Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Model. Based on a set of sensors up and down the river, the model predicts water height and flow. Having these data makes planning (and not panicking) much easier.

The flood is coming, but never fear.  It won't even reach the car bridge on the creek.

The flood is coming, but never fear. It won’t even reach the car bridge on the creek.

Spring Torrent

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Wheat Spring Branch down by the garden-ish. Empties into the Shenandoah river about 500 feet downstream.

Sandy Shenandoah

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Hurricane Sandy is bringing the creek up for a minor flood. Here is what the river looks like at around 9 feet (and rising).

The river is up to the top step of the stairs we usually take to go down to the river.

Top step to go.

And the suspension bridge over the creek is now a floating bridge.

Floating bridge.

Why are we not in a panic? Because NOAA knows where the river will peak, and they’re telling us. Science rocks.