Stone or Bone?

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Cute little fella I met in the barn. #farmlife IMG_20170722_115029.jpg


The morning after the Morning After..

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That fahr was HOT!IMG_20170710_102346-1.jpg



Still smoking, they are.



Eilean, Eilean, Eilean, Please Don’t Take My Man.

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As only Nancy could see – our “bungalow” IMG_9946.JPGIMG_9947.JPGIMG_9948.JPGIMG_9949.JPG

Drunk dude in Kilt explains history of McRae/McGraw ClanIMG_20170506_101800.jpg

The Family Red-DeerIMG_20170506_102248.jpg

Alliterative NEWS..IMG_20170506_101431.jpg

Just Cause..IMG_20170506_100836.jpg

Out through the In Door.


Getting High in the Highlands, take 2.

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The Guide Guiding.


A Peat Hag is not a Witch..IMG_9910.JPG

The Best and Worst of Light


Strangely, No Snow, almost.


The Climb Continues, the Dragon Looms.


The softness of Stone – A Kiss.IMG_9915.JPG

Nope – Not there yet!IMG_9919.JPG

Ahhhhh ahhh Ahhhhh AHHHHhhhhhhh! (sing this)IMG_9920.jpg

Black Killearns (which according to our ecstatic guide, Les said you “never see!”) in the distance.IMG_9921.JPG

Passel of Pietra Ponders…IMG_9926.JPG

Dude…really? IMG_9933.JPG

Chilling Up as Moving Down


Man, Nature Confide, Low Tide


Thanks for Sharing, my Friend.IMG_9940.JPG


Science! Rain! (in reverse order)

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It started here, in the wisteria.

Caution: Wisteria leads to SCIENCE

Or maybe it was the wine. Who knows. Anyway, science happened.

So watch out for that.

Next up was poster making, a problem caused by many science classes and perpetrated on anxious moms the day before the science project is due.

Why does the computer scientist need a lab coat? Nobody knows.

Thanks to Troopers for making this a few years back.

The March for Science was in DC. It rained. Speakers still have no idea how to use a mic. Talks are boring.

Muppets do science well for puppets.

A poster (gasp) of a muppet pretending to do science. Meta.

There were some good signs.

Fortunately some actual musicians saved the day.

Then it was time to line up for the “march.”

The let most anybody in here, even computer security gurus.

Stop and go

Nobody thought to make the lights green, and the nerds all stopped.

Rain causes cocktails according to our one experiment.

Raining OUTside which is fine when INside

Have a Negroni in the name of science.

Finally, as a cure for science, try Trump. He’s just fucking stupid enough to try to bully it out.


Yes indeedy.

Sweetly. moistly nestled.

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like friends in the dew Watermelon Park Fest.IMG_4173.jpgIMG_4169.jpg

My Name is Hodey – tell me why.



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