DC Art Therapy: Hirshhorn, Phillips, Renwick, Plus

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The best layover ever is just about right. We made plenty of time for art on Wednesday. First stop after breakfast was the Hirshhorn. This museum is really going places. The new director has it popping. If you already did that once or twice and you have not been under the new regime, go.

Smithsonian in winter

The color wheel is the first use of the second floor circle that has perfect sensibility.

Downstairs had some cool stuff too.




The highlight of this Hirshhorn visit was the fact that Manifesto was playing. I saw this in Stuttgart in 2017 and was utterly blown away. This is a must see video installation, even if you don’t do video art (generally speaking, I don’t).



Here is the official trailer. Absolutely stunning masterpiece.




I now love Cate Blanchett. Watching her work in such a close stunning cinematic set of visuals is life changing.


After lunch, which may or may not have included a bottle of Gigondas, we headed to the Phillips.


Finally, parking karma still intact, we headed to the Renwick. Sadly, Jacob missed it.





Three museums was not enough to satisfy the art goddess. Fortunately, Richard rode to the rescue. His collection is world class.




conglomeration of light

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As part of our extensive, black tie clad mixology fueled NYE festivities, our friend and DC-based video artist Brian Buck set up an installation of his work conglomeration of light in the barn. Attendees took art breaks from the party to walk (or be driven) up the hill to the barn to experience the piece.

The complete installation included video, audio and obelisks adjusted for the space. Goats were an extra non-union bonus.

conglomeration of light NYE 2012

Video portion as displayed on the ceiling.

come let me show you the light

Seven sound sculpture obelisks.

The obelisks have both under-lighting and in-lighting. They play the soundtrack.

Sound and light

All in all the video installation added an intriguing angle to the otherwise raucous NYE bash.

Did I have fun?

Your intrepid mixological reporter behind the bar.