Stuttgart Art


Turns out that the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart is an amazing place. Just a bit off the beaten path and by the big giant construction hole, the museum has a vast collection of great stuff.

By far the highlight of this visit was the special installation of Manifesto by Julian Rosefeldt. I am not a big fan of video art installations, but this one grabbed me by the attention and did not let go. Go see it if you can.

The official trailer here does not do it justice at all

But that’s not all. The museum has an extensive collection of great stuff from obscure things that you wish you had seen before to things you’ve seen 100 times but not in real life yet.

Here is my set of things to remember seeing.

So, just go visit. You owe yourself that.

Nazi’s Out of Regensburg

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On a recent trip to Regensburg, Germany (two weeks before the national elections there), I watched the townspeople reject the neo-Nazi NDP party idiots vociferously. The police were present in great numbers protecting the Nazi’s from being ridden out of town on a rail.

Probably the most interesting phenomenon was when all of the church bells in town were rung at once to drown out the Nazi rally.

I took some video.

Democracy in action