Catoctin and Kimpton – Cocktail Combo.

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Visited the Lorien Hotel (a Kimpton) in Alexandria for an evening where friends of ours from different lands and lives unknowingly were working on the same project – a tasting of Catoctin Creek’s locally distilled and bottled rye and brandy’s paired with Chef’s choice hors d’oeuvres from the Lorein.  Our friends Becky and Scott Harris have created a high level distillery in Purcellville, VA and Steph Vogel, another amazing person-friend runs the Lorien. The perfect cocktail storm.


Serious mixing and choosing


Yes, that one.


All enjoy.


Good Stuff.


Becky explains the science.


“The barrels are this big! ” Scott


“We just have beer here.”

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My kind of bar! Proletariat Bar, NYC. Superb beer, kind and knowledgeable service, and perfect conversation. DSCF0473DSCF0483DSCF0482DSCF0485DSCF0476

The Laundry Series..

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Omnipresent in European towns and villages – laundry hanging, drying, billowing. Lovely but tired scenes of buildings and light enhanced with signs of daily life.


Cagliari, Sardinia


Vespas, yes.



Laundry at Night


Laundry up high.


Two must share this line.


Laundry has the Blues.


So much sky a surprise.

Another Day in Malta: Wind in Valetta

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A very windy day on the Mediterranean

To get to Valetta from Cospicua you can either take the ferry (every 30 minutes…or so) or you can take a water taxi from the taxi stand. The taxi is more fun but way more arbitrary.

Views from the War Museum on the bluff are incredible. Valetta itself is overrun with tourists but makes a nice afternoon of wandering.

Ancient barracks

The Cathedral is a late stage capitalism joke. God is dead and the admission charge is 10 euros. The cattle fill the place. Not really worth the price of admission. ON the other hand, the War Museum is modern and well put together.

A Day in Malta

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Sunset Dingli Cliffs


Scenes from Caglieri

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Walking tour in no apparent order.

Greetings From the Bronze Age and Beyond

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The Museo Archeologico on Cagliari (Sardegna, Italy) is well worth a quick visit.

The Museo Archeologico is situated on the castle hill

In the Paleolithic, fat was “in.”

In the Bronze Age, everyone had a bronze axe. We would imagine that bronze axe heads were the moral equivalent of the smart phone.

A stack of axe heads

A stone cast

Everyone also had little bronze guys to play with.

Your army awaits

One of many attractive displays

The rich kids had really big bronze guys.

Then came the Romans and their heads

In these pictures, a statue wonders about its sexuality.



About the only thing the Museo could improve is to open up their wifi to all. Really, in 2017 if you want the ragazzi to come, you need wifi.

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