Bare and the Paparazzi

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No food for this guy

Bergen has its first Michelin star restaurant, called Bare.  We finagled our way in and had an incredible 14 course meal.  Always go to fancy pants dinners with really fun friends.  We laughed as much as we ate.

Course 1 (this was a pre-dinner bar treat)


The paparazzi have arrived


Course 2 (also in the bar)


Course 3 came in a beautiful dish. Each was different.


Course 4 was lil tacos (still in the bar)

Finally, we moved into the dining room.  BTW, a hint about having a meal like this. say YES to all possibilities (like the caviar course and the wine pairing option).  Always YES.

Starting the meal


Cider and a fist


Course 5 (sea urchin) with the cider


Our first wine (blanc de blanc) with the caviar


The incredible caviar course (number 6). very creamy.


Were we happy?


Course 7 wine: sauvignon blanc


Course 7 was calamari (which I usually don’t eat)


More paparazzi

The bread arrives


Now the paparazzi are out of control!


Wine for the crab


Course 8: alaskan crab with barley


Wine from Santa Barbara 


Course 9: king crab and parsnip



You will like the wine!




Course 10: lamb and mushroom


wine from Italy


Course 11: reindeer


sweet wine


Course 12 into the sweets (with blue cheese topping). Wow.


Course 13, a tart little number


wine (a “white amarone”)


Course 14 finished the evening


grappa in the bar (coffee for some)


the empties




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Shiny happy people

Shiny happy people

Fun and games in the big city to celebrate amy’s belated birthday. Dinner at Water and Wall was very good (but not exceptional). Arlington has lots of great eats to be had! If you do go to Water and Wall, definitely get the veal sweetbreads. Wow.

Birthday girl

Birthday girl

One of the highlights of the evening was seeing more of Emily Shepardson’s art and glassing her “art closet” (which by the way is spreading like frosting on a cake into Victor’s old room. I even got to take home an etching.

Emily herself

Emily herself

Special delivery.

Bill arrives with another batch.

Bill arrives with another batch.

William approves.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.