Summer Solstice Party 2017

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81 in July

The summer solstice weather could not have been finer. 81, sunny, perfect river weather.

kerosene distribution

Post river, it was time to light the fire.

2017 solstice fire


The fire was perfectly constructed by JC.

The moon was full.

Children of the fire

Thanks to all who came.

Jack Graduates Cum Laude from NYU

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NY is always a blast to visit, but this trip was the most special NY run ever!  We are proud of our #1 son.

It was a super hot day to be in the direct sun at Yankee Stadium.  Fortunately, w all survived.



A second ceremony for the College of Arts and Sciences was held at Radio City the next day.



Sailing in New York City

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Sailing was just what the doctor ordered on a sweltering day in the city (90 degrees in mid May!). Gorgeous and fun. Amy captained the boat under sail as we cruised up the Hudson.


Jack took the helm at the top of the ride.











Captain Barley at the helm.





No fun was had!  No fun at all.





Robyn in Crablandia

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Here’s looking at you Robyn.


Yes, you.


Psychedelically speaking, that is.



The show was held in Annapolis at the Ram’s Head with a capacity crowd on a Saturday afternoon. The time feel in the venue is set to “Vegas.” Could be most anytime but definitely night time, even at 1:00pm. The food does not suck even though the ditzy waitresses are way too loud.

Robyn played a handful of the songs on the great new self-titled record. Buy it for yourself.





And some old favorites that the crowd adored.



mug sans portal


By far the most amusing and entertaining part of the show was the “free part,” that being the part with the banter. We had to pay for the music part. Worth every post-Brexit penny.




Did I already say Robyn played some of the songs on the great new self-titled record? Well he did.


Then there was this.



Trickster plays covers in new shirt.

Catch the tour if you can.

Eilean, Eilean, Eilean, Please Don’t Take My Man.

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As only Nancy could see – our “bungalow” IMG_9946.JPGIMG_9947.JPGIMG_9948.JPGIMG_9949.JPG

Drunk dude in Kilt explains history of McRae/McGraw ClanIMG_20170506_101800.jpg

The Family Red-DeerIMG_20170506_102248.jpg

Alliterative NEWS..IMG_20170506_101431.jpg

Just Cause..IMG_20170506_100836.jpg

Out through the In Door.


Getting High in the Highlands, take 2.

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The Guide Guiding.


A Peat Hag is not a Witch..IMG_9910.JPG

The Best and Worst of Light


Strangely, No Snow, almost.


The Climb Continues, the Dragon Looms.


The softness of Stone – A Kiss.IMG_9915.JPG

Nope – Not there yet!IMG_9919.JPG

Ahhhhh ahhh Ahhhhh AHHHHhhhhhhh! (sing this)IMG_9920.jpg

Black Killearns (which according to our ecstatic guide, Les said you “never see!”) in the distance.IMG_9921.JPG

Passel of Pietra Ponders…IMG_9926.JPG

Dude…really? IMG_9933.JPG

Chilling Up as Moving Down


Man, Nature Confide, Low Tide


Thanks for Sharing, my Friend.IMG_9940.JPG


Scotland. Stop 1, revisited.

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They vote with their Dandelions.IMG_9902.JPG

Room with A View.


Oh The Water, Oh,oh The Water, got it myself from the Mountain Stream.IMG_9899.JPG


Mountain man discovers bridge.IMG_20170505_115607.jpg

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