Garden Gleaning on the First of October

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The best way to garden in the Fall is apparently to go to Norway. Then when you come back, it is actually Fall and time to move wood and gather in the last of the garden.

Farm Truck

First Load of Wood

The garden is quite the disaster.

But hiding behind all of those brown corn and sunflower stalks is a bunch of good stuff: pumpkins, sweet peppers, cayene, jalapeño, habañero, carrots, beets, and watermelon. More to come too!

Mini pumpkins hide under the grass and weeds.

An entire basket of peppers with more to come.

Hotey admires the flowers while eating corn.


Fall bounty.

Life of a Lupine in 5 +2

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Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 5


Two weeks pass, a seed-puff mass.IMG_20170708_140714.jpg

Blooming, dying, running, flying, heat, chill, wind.. still.

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Sweetly. moistly nestled.

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like friends in the dew Watermelon Park Fest.IMG_4173.jpgIMG_4169.jpg

Joe Pye Photobombs River Scene!

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Storm Sophie Blew in..

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Orchid in Glass of Wine? Mine.

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