Today, the light

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Three views from the corner.

Trio one


Trio two


Trio three

The walk.



Mogli blends










Tree fire

Team Tartan Takes the Cup: Leukemia Cup Regatta 2019 is YOURS

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Ten years of sailing the Leukemia Cup was crowned by another fundraising win thanks to you. We’re super pleased to announce that our final fundraising total (in our first “post baby” race) is $74,829 (a mere $171 from $75,000). That means the Leukemia Cup is Yours! A huge thanks to all of our 90+ donors.

Team Tartan Takes the Leukemia Cup 2019

Extra special red hat thanks goes to our stalwart supporter Phil Venables who donated an incredible $50,000 this year.

The Team Dog Joins in Celebration


Team Tartan before the day

The morning started early as it always does in a regatta. On the water, our rusty sailing took over and we were clobbered in every race. Remind us that when your co-captains have a baby, they spend much more time changing diapers than sailing!

Sailing the Leukemia Cup

Team Tartan on the Water

But boy did we have fun.

Morning prep to sail in kilts

Secret weapon Stretch

Thanks from Team Tartan

Team Tartan has raised $366,066.61 since 2012! Thank you for your support and for helping us fight blood cancer.

Ancient Mariner in a Kilt

Art in the Corner


Art in the Corner

Ever since we moved to this property in 2002, I have wanted to use one of the old rusted farm implements as an art piece. 17 years later, here is the piece pretty much exactly how I imagined it. The rock slab is a 2500 pound bluestone slab from Pennsylvania. Getting that properly staged was a thing, but it all went surprisingly smoothly.

Mogli is suspicious of this art idea

Busting Ice and Bothering Geese!

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With age does not always wisdom come. But, fun it was! We had a crazy-cold week that froze the river, and now a crazy-warm day to test out the water.  Nice.


Mogli leads the way.

The mic on my phone was broken, but just imaging the sound of crunching ice.


Time for a break.

Here, imagine geese honking their displeasure! and ice popping as it melts. Hit ‘play’ and it is not upside down.

Sweet Mogli has captured a hunk of ice to take home! (Video is correct when plays)


Dirty hand is happy hand.



Exactly how i feel!  :)  

Burn Baby Burn: 2017 Winter Solstice Fire


Cerbe meets mogli before dark

Music. Great food. Huge fire. Friends. Boilo. What more could you want?

Early birds get to see the lighting

Mmmmmm. Beer.

The lighting

Put it in perspective: 100 feet of flame.

This year the fairy ring of osage oranges turned into a warning line for fire spread. We had to get water buckets and a hose out for the first time ever.

The fire spreads

View from the field

The two (or three) pods making up the solstice party are always a good mix. Food and cheesy Christmas music in the barn. Fire and live music in the field. This year some of the real music moved into the barn during a brief rain.


Boilo causes time warps



Turn sun turn

Thanks to all who came. An excellent iteration.

You Are The Sunshine……

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Mogli tends to Soupy Jr.


Soupy Junes plays coy


Sun shine



One way or Another..

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Mogli, single shot


Puck, single shot, close behind.


on return.


speedy sophie


pre-sprint chill


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It’s River o’Clock

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Years ago, my son Eli and I decided to build an art project underwater in the river. We started with the biggest rock around for hundreds of yards and built a pool around that. Then we began moving the wall of the pool out into the river in search of the late afternoon sun.

Shenandoah Blue

Shenandoah Blue

Here is what the river looks like.

Ultimately, we ended up with a chronograph. There’s a rock for every hour. Here’s how that ends up looking.

Anytime pool

Anytime pool

4 o'clock rock

4 o’clock rock

5 o'clock rock

5 o’clock rock

6 o'clock rock

6 o’clock rock

7 o'clock rock

7 o’clock rock

Remember, all of these pictures were taken at 3 o’clock. So sun everywhere. Our trees are damn tall.

The peeps

The peeps

The cooler

The cooler

Some kind of clock

Some kind of clock

This dog has nothing to do with anything.

Puck who does not tell time

Puck who does not tell time


Team Tartan: Practice Makes Perfect, but Nobody’s Perfect, so Why Practice?

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Or something like that.

Team Tartan Commodore Chris and mascot Stretch

Team Tartan Commodore Chris and mascot Stretch

For the last eight years, my brother Chris and I have been sailing the National Capitol Leukemia Cup regatta. We mostly do this to raise money to fight leukemia (a disease that killed our mother), but we also like to win the race on the water.

Over the years we have done just a smidge better raising money than we have sailing the race. We were number one in both a few years back. But since then, our sailing has become a bit rusty even while we have taken home the fundraising Leukemia Cup for many years in a row.

This year we’re kicking ass on the fundraising front (thanks to our many donors, but especially to phil venables). So far we have raised a collective $56,207. That is a major record for Team Tartan.

If you would like to donate, you can do it now on the net.

In order to up our game on the water, we did some practice this weekend.

Sailing Practice with Team Tartan

Sailing Practice with Team Tartan

The jib pole is always a challenge.

The jib pole is always a challenge.



Sailing practice can be tiring. Here is our mascot Stretch ready to jibe.

JIBE! Er, sleep.

JIBE! Er, sleep.

See you on the water.




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