October beach: Sun Down, Moon Up

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Because this beach faces South, the sun can go down and the moon can come up on opposite sides of the beach.

Sun down

Moon up

And then the next morning, the sun can come up while the moon sets.

Sun up

Moon down

The Stick in October is ideal.  What people?  We’re not in Norway anymore, moonie.



Where’s Aubrey Hole, Post-production

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Production studio work (setting levels, sound for each instrument, balance, stereo targeting, effects, and choosing tracks) took a couple of days.  Jeff Reid’s studio console looks like this.

Day 2…same scene.

Moonshine came along and he was mostly bored.

Here is what happens during production in three snapshots using the song “One More Roadhouse” as an example.

Raw from the studio tracks, unproduced, arbitrary balance and no targeting

Final studio production, unmastered

Final mastered cut

Iulie on the Farm

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Down to the river

Checking on the new tree (planted earlier this year).



Dogs at Play: Ocean Isle

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The Stick with two dogs!  Including the new puppy Maybeline and Moonshine (who has already been to the beach this year).

Digging in the morning!

The sand and the ocean sans leash.

Maybe the Puppy

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Her real name is Maybelline.  But we call her Maybe.  We picked her up from the breeder at 8 weeks.  She is a second generation golden doodle and should top out around 30 pounds.  Three weeks later, she is part of the family and all dogs are happy again.

Here is Maybe’s arrival at home.

Moonshine, the 110 pound golden meets his new sister and pack member.

Moonshine has been excellent with the puppy so far.

First visit to the salon!  Maybe is destined to be a shop dog.

David the vet meets Maybe.


Roughhousing as set in.

Spring Peak Three: Rocket Time

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What’s the difference between Dame’s Rocket and Prairie Phlox?  Why the difference between four and five (and alternate toothed leaves).  This is rocket on the trail by the river that we walk every day.



And some black locust to perfume the air.


Final Moonshine

Peep peep peep

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The 2023 batch of chicks has arrived.  12 peeps: 6 barred rock and 6 noir marans.

Moonshine would like to eat the peeps.

One week later, the peeps were twice as big.  They will be introduced to the flock on April 20th.

Big Dog, Little Girl

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Look at that smile on Moonshine’s face.

Tree elf.


Little creatures are exhausting.

Moving wood in circles

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The thing about having a fire is that you work on wood a bunch well before ever having the fire itself.  The kitchen fire is going all winter when it is below 40.  Why that cutoff?  Because first you have to cut the wood, spilt the wood, move the wood, stack the wood, move the wood again, store some on the porch, move some inside and then finally burn it.   See?

Fortunately, I have help most of the time.

In the truck again.  Moonshine supervising.

The woodshed stack.

The porch stack with a photo bomb by my finger.  Once again, moonshine is supervising.

Ginko Yellow

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This is apparently the largest Ginko stand in North America, found at Blandy Experimenal Farm in Virginia.  We went during peak color change with Moonshine.


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