Where’s Aubrey Recording in Wilmington

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All work and no music makes gem a dull boy.  So we fixed that.  Music refactoring at the Stick followed by recording in Wilmington.  Here are some highlights.

Where’s Aubrey was joined by the incredible Charles Arthur in the studio.

And yes, we started at the Stick (on Ocean Isle Beach) where we practiced.  Our schedule was tight, and sleep is for the weak.  But first things first.  Since Rhine flew into ILM, we set up an impromptu rendezvous with Adrian and Julie.  Dinner was excellent, and Moonshine made a fast friend of Ralph.

We ended up at the Symphony with those fine people come Saturday.

Practice on the porch.

Industry sour with the last bottle of Green Chartreuse in NC.

Moonshine got in some fine music time.

The Wilmington Symphony played Shostakovich 5.

Moonshine, meanwhile, destroyed the screen door.

Turns out I found a musical sibling (same teacher, Linda Case, as Suzuki kids).

The bassist from NY.  Hella talent.

NC sippy cups for the concert.   LOL.

The after party was a blast.  But then it was time for even more work.

Each night before a recording session we crammed on the music.

There was also some beach time.  Moonshine was a hit at doggie day care.

Studio day one.

Hope in time for sunset and breakfast for dinner.


More cramming.  And more studio time.

Followed by more beach and more cramming.  We were very efficient, but the work was intense.

Studio day three (the last).

\ \

And then it was time to get into the Liberals.

All in all a great experience.  We bonded as musicians and friends.



The Bitter Liberals Back in the Studio

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The Bitter Liberals were back in the studio recording yesterday. We recorded my song Sacrificial Lambs exactly one year to the day after the Newtown children’s massacre.

Gary McGraw of The Bitter Liberals

Gary McGraw of The Bitter Liberals

More photos from the studio are on the Bitter Liberals website.

in the studio again with the bitter liberals

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Yesterday was a perfect day to record some music. Overcast, kinda muggy. We were inside all wired up to the recording borg at National Media in Front Royal.

The Bitter Liberals are collaborating with Clark Hansbarger on a Civil War project titled “Vicksburg” which is a collection of songs about the civil war that Clark wrote and is producing. Eventually they will end up on a website as an interactive project combining lectures/anecdotes and songs. We hear there will be a tour.

From what we played yesterday in the studio, I can’t wait for this project to come to fruition. The songs are magical and very evocative. We had a blast.

gem in the studio

gem in the studio