in the studio again with the bitter liberals

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Yesterday was a perfect day to record some music. Overcast, kinda muggy. We were inside all wired up to the recording borg at National Media in Front Royal.

The Bitter Liberals are collaborating with Clark Hansbarger on a Civil War project titled “Vicksburg” which is a collection of songs about the civil war that Clark wrote and is producing. Eventually they will end up on a website as an interactive project combining lectures/anecdotes and songs. We hear there will be a tour.

From what we played yesterday in the studio, I can’t wait for this project to come to fruition. The songs are magical and very evocative. We had a blast.

gem in the studio

gem in the studio

Civil war thingy on Saturday

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The Clarke Daily News wrote a blurb about Saturday’s upcoming Civil War event at the Barns. The event is particularly interesting, because it is about brotherhood and coming together and includes both black and white participants. You go Jesse! Great idea.

Here is some grainy video of a practice session we had last weekend.

Come see us Saturday from 6-7:30pm at the Barns of Rose Hill.

Some video of the final event can be found through the Clarke Daily News.