Storied Strings (or rather Guitars) at VMFA

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The Strings exhibit at VMFA is devoted to the guitar.  If you like guitars, guitar history, and historical curation you need to see this.  We’ll ignore the fact that the most important strings are usually on a violin for now (LOL).

Romey and I learned about this exhibit by watching a video shot to promote and expand on the show with some live music featuring my friend Charles.  Both Stephen and Charles are way better guitar players than I will ever be!  Check out their session here.

Here are some pictures and commentary about the exhibit.

Charles as guitar.

In one of the rooms, there were a couple of guitars.  So we just had to play them. They were squishy and hard to play.

The master goofs off.

Proof that I should stick to the violin.

Bill got into the act too.

Guitar versus violin.  What turns you into a geezer faster?  Guitar of course!

The dog is named Fay Ray.  We knew another one of those once.



Fond memories of a session?  Charles in front of the recording studio.

The world’s smallest guitar.


The Bitter Liberals in Loudoun County Saturday 12.13.14

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Come see some original music Saturday 12.13.14, including two never performed in public (yet) songs. Join us tomorrow at the Franklin Park Arts Center in Loudoun County! Reserved seating tickets on sale now.

Special guest, Richmond troubadour Charles Arthur will play an opening set and join the Bitter Liberals on stage for a few original songs.

Corcoran Brewing Company will provide cider and beer for those inclined to catch a buzz during the show.

who: The Bitter Liberals
what: Holiday Concert of All Original Music
where: The Franklin Park Arts Center, Purcellville, VA (map)
when: Saturday Night 12.13.14, doors open 7pm, music starts 7:30pm
why: Because original music is good
tickets:$15 in advance, $20 at the door

Wonder what we sound like live? Have a listen to these two tracks from our show in August:

To Rest in Your Arms Again

100 Cigarettes


Please join us! See you there.