Where’s Aubrey at the Barns of Rose Hill 11/11


Thanks to you, the Where’s Aubrey show Saturday 11/11 was a smashing success.  We played to an enthusiastic full house, missing a sell out of the venue by only four tickets.  JOBIE’s opening set was excellent.  An all around evening of great music performed for a good cause.

Speaking of which, together we raised $3305 on Saturday evening with $1983 going to the Shenandoah Riverkeeper to protect our local river.

We also released our ninth record, Hole, which is now available on most streaming services including spotify.  If you would like to join the 18 people who bought a physical copy of the CD for old time’s sake, just get in touch.

Where’s Aubrey before the show: Rhine Singleton, Charles Arthur, Gary McGraw, and Nick Schrenk.

Here are some pictures and videos of the show in approximate chronological order arranged by set lists.  What a night!

The band on stage: Nick on Drums, McGraw on fiddle, Rhine on Guitar, and Charles on everything else.

BORH 11/11: Set One

Your Lies Are Gone


Ghosts on the Farm


The Miles Roll By

Snippet only


Dirty Blond Haired Girl


Brown Like Your Cinnamon

*** (stage lighting changed as we performed the entire new record)

All songs linked below to spotify tracks from the record.


Ever Enough


Holes in My Pride


Drawing Back Your Blade


Restless Water


These Ain’t my Pearls


Forty Crows


Snippet only


BORH 11/11: Set Two

Take it Away

Eli’s Song

Full Up

Far too Empty

It Ain’t that Far to Fall


Snippet only

Ham Bone (during a broken string changing exercise)


One More Roadhouse

*** (record over, we ended the concert with full band)

Irish Goodbye (JOBIE cover)

Full video


Full video (different angle)


Devlish Situation


Into a Cloud

Snippet only


Has it Ever Been this Good


JOBIE opening set

Special thanks to Jen Lee for photographs and show publicity.  April Claggett also provided photos and videos.  Romey Michael provided video of Irish Goodbye.  Some images above are Copyrighted.

Nick Schrenk Quartet: Jazz in Winchester

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Nick Schrenk leads a new jazz quartet in Winchester, Virginia.  Excellent all around.  Here are some bits from the May 4th debut gig.



More cowbell is pretty much all you can say!

Electric Triangle

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In a new summer solstice twist, we put together an impromptu electric band. Gina Faber suggested we call ourselves “Electric Triangle,” which we did. We came up with set lists at 3:30pm the day of the party! Woo hoo.

Here is our rendition of Donnovan’s “Season of the Witch”

Electric Triangle ingredients include:
100% Where’s Aubrey
75% The Bitter Liberals
100% All Natural Fibers
100% Joehammed and the Acoustic Martyrs
Red dye number 5

We prevailed upon Allen Kitselman to play the Ghengis Angus song Rooster against his will.

The world famous staff of Electric Triangle:
Rhine Singleton, guitar/vocals
Clark Hansbarger, guitar/vocals
Allen Kitselman, guitar/vocals
Gary McGraw, violin/mandolin/vocals
Gina Faber, guitar/harmony/ELECTRIC TRIANGLE
Joe Faber, keys
Nick Schrenk, drums
Mike Aaron, bass

Here we are covering Radiohead’s “High and Dry”

Thanks to Jacob West for the video!