Nick Schrenk Quartet: Jazz in Winchester

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Nick Schrenk leads a new jazz quartet in Winchester, Virginia.  Excellent all around.  Here are some bits from the May 4th debut gig.



More cowbell is pretty much all you can say!

Electric Triangle

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In a new summer solstice twist, we put together an impromptu electric band. Gina Faber suggested we call ourselves “Electric Triangle,” which we did. We came up with set lists at 3:30pm the day of the party! Woo hoo.

Here is our rendition of Donnovan’s “Season of the Witch”

Electric Triangle ingredients include:
100% Where’s Aubrey
75% The Bitter Liberals
100% All Natural Fibers
100% Joehammed and the Acoustic Martyrs
Red dye number 5

We prevailed upon Allen Kitselman to play the Ghengis Angus song Rooster against his will.

The world famous staff of Electric Triangle:
Rhine Singleton, guitar/vocals
Clark Hansbarger, guitar/vocals
Allen Kitselman, guitar/vocals
Gary McGraw, violin/mandolin/vocals
Gina Faber, guitar/harmony/ELECTRIC TRIANGLE
Joe Faber, keys
Nick Schrenk, drums
Mike Aaron, bass

Here we are covering Radiohead’s “High and Dry”

Thanks to Jacob West for the video!