A Quick Tate

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Heading to the Tate Modern after landing in London has become quite the tradition.  This was a quick hit through the regular collection.

A view from the terrace at the top: London caged.

Yayoi was unavailable (advance tickets required) so see this entry instead.

The Munch Museum Iteration Three

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Romey and I went to the brand new Munch museum in Oslo.  This is the third iteration of the museum, which started at the Munch house itself, moved up the hill for a while, and is now located by the harbor next to the opera house.  The facility is beautiful, and the art is displayed professionally in a world-class way.

Plan to spend several hours following your nose.

One of our favorite pictures from Oslo comes from the upper floors.

The exhibition spaces are well designed, spacious, and properly-lit.

We made some etching/rubbings of our own.

But of course the main draw is the art on the fourth floor.

Of course we saw the scream (in two of three views)

The Madonna

Escalators abound.

The SOLO OSLO by Admir Batlak is stunning.  Fun with fabric.  Art with deep roots in design.

We learned a ton about Alice Neel, especially by watching the excellent documentary included as part of the exhibit.  Wow.

Alice was in many ways decades ahead of herself for her entire life.


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We picked an ideal Fall day for a first visit to Glenstone.  Well, mine anyway.  Richard has been going to Glenstone throughout its history.

The illegally captured bits (apparently no pictures are allowed inside the gallery spaces).

Richard in the sun.


Airplane out of nowhere.

Fashion in the Big Pickle: Karl Lagerfeld- A Line of Beauty at the MOMA

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A quick hit to NY was just the right opportunity to spend a few hours steeped in high fashion.  The MOMA’s Karl Lagerfeld show is excellent.  Well curated, interesting, and aware of its own ridiculous nature.  Go see for yourself.

First, your hosts all snazzed up.  (One eagle eyed NY fashion geek recognized Romey’s vintage skirt.)

Without further commentary, some bits for the bit pile, led off by sparkle. We proceed backwards in time.


We pause now for station identification.

This interlude brought to you by Romey’s eye for high fashion.


The DMA in Dallas is way better than the DMV

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Who even knew that Dallas had a world class art collection?  I mean, I should have known since all that oil money has been sloshing around since the ’70s.  An unexpected stay in the city (stranded much)?) had a silver lining.  Here is some of what I saw at the DMA.

If you get stranded in Dallas, make sure to visit.

\ \


Detail first..

Whole work is amazing.

Sure, clams.  Mmm hmm.

Storied Strings (or rather Guitars) at VMFA

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The Strings exhibit at VMFA is devoted to the guitar.  If you like guitars, guitar history, and historical curation you need to see this.  We’ll ignore the fact that the most important strings are usually on a violin for now (LOL).

Romey and I learned about this exhibit by watching a video shot to promote and expand on the show with some live music featuring my friend Charles.  Both Stephen and Charles are way better guitar players than I will ever be!  Check out their session here.

Here are some pictures and commentary about the exhibit.

Charles as guitar.

In one of the rooms, there were a couple of guitars.  So we just had to play them. They were squishy and hard to play.

The master goofs off.

Proof that I should stick to the violin.

Bill got into the act too.

Guitar versus violin.  What turns you into a geezer faster?  Guitar of course!

The dog is named Fay Ray.  We knew another one of those once.



Fond memories of a session?  Charles in front of the recording studio.

The world’s smallest guitar.


Virgin visit to the Rubell in DC

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Eli (the resident artist at my house) and I went to the brand new Rubell Museum in DC on the solstice.  It was excellent: well curated, beautifully displayed, provocative, and socially relevant.  Go visit for yourself.

The sexual revolution will be YouTubed

Over the Rainbow

Goat in a pot.  This one is hilarious and very surprizing.

Angel penis for the win

Yin/Yang angel/devil

Eli at the end of the rainbow.