Romey and I went to the brand new Munch museum in Oslo.  This is the third iteration of the museum, which started at the Munch house itself, moved up the hill for a while, and is now located by the harbor next to the opera house.  The facility is beautiful, and the art is displayed professionally in a world-class way.

Plan to spend several hours following your nose.

One of our favorite pictures from Oslo comes from the upper floors.

The exhibition spaces are well designed, spacious, and properly-lit.

We made some etching/rubbings of our own.

But of course the main draw is the art on the fourth floor.

Of course we saw the scream (in two of three views)

The Madonna

Escalators abound.

The SOLO OSLO by Admir Batlak is stunning.  Fun with fabric.  Art with deep roots in design.

We learned a ton about Alice Neel, especially by watching the excellent documentary included as part of the exhibit.  Wow.

Alice was in many ways decades ahead of herself for her entire life.