Day Trip to Stradbroke Island (aka Straddie)

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Part of the fun of the Yow Conference circuit in Australia is the days in between sessions. We were slated to sail a huge catamaran in the ocean, but the seas were too high. So we refactored with a visit to Stradbroke Island.

Here’s how that went.

Ferry from the mainland to the island on a bus!

A picnic lunch with the fellow geeks and beer.

A walk on the Point Lookout trail

Spectacular cliffs (and a couple of sharks)

Kangaroos in the wild

Gelato in “town,” followed by a dip in the (pretty damn cold) ocean. The swim was wild.


Water taxi back to mainland.

The seas were rough on the way back as the sun was setting.

Amy, leader of geeks made us all get wet!


A warm shower back at the hotel was welcome indeed!

Diving St Croix

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Thanks to N2 the Blue Dive Shop for some personal, friendly, and impeccable diving. Of our massive two shop sample of St Croix, N2 the Blue is superior in all ways. (Our experience with Cane Bay Dive Shop was much looser, chaotic, and more random with a small chance of accidental death.)

Eli emerging from the depths

Eli emerging from the depths



The diving in St Croix is great (and relentless when you are with Eli). Our dives:
The Pier – excellent life and a great dive
Sprat Hole – turtle
Swirling Reef of Death – coral farm working on stag’s horn coral
Shallow Wrecks – three big boats
The Pier
The Jungle (north side) – a nice deep wall with Cane River
Pavilions (north side) – wall and coral garden with Cane River
The Pier at Night – wild in the dark
Armageddon – nice pile of debris with associated wildlife
Little Mill Point – shallow wall with much coral (turtle)

Haley Hendrickson

Haley Hendrickson

Captain K and Haley

Captain K and Haley



We’ve seen all sorts of everything: turtles, sharks (eating lion fish we killed), eels of all kinds, two kinds of lobster, many angel fish, crabs, seahorses, an octopus and more.



More about St Croix here.

The Cottages by Sea

The Cottages by Sea