Hiroya Tsukamoto Plays the Barns of Rose Hill

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I first met Hiroya when he opened a sold out show for the Bitter Liberals in January 2018. We were frankly honored to have Hiro open for us. He was outstanding both in terms of technique and showmanship.

Hiro’s music tells a layered story soaked with emotional significance. Here are some pictures and videos from a recent show at the Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville, VA 10.19.18.

Visit Hiro’s website here.

The most remarkable piece of the evening was an improvisation that Hiro put together during the second set. Influences of Eno, Fripp, Japan, and banjo are all evident and are masterfully woven into a beautiful piece.

Gemini Bridge is a core piece of Hiro repertoire. If you like how this sounds, you should buy a copy of the CD Heartland.

Hiro plays one guitar with a set of electronics used for balancing and layering with a sampler. He is a master of his technology (more than can be said for most musicians), and his use of sampling is both subtle and seamless. Masterful.

This song about fire was inspired by peaceful campfires with family in Japan.

I am always in awe of musicians who perform and tour full time and are not associated with a huge corporate act with a small support army. Make sure to go see Hiroya play if you ever get a chance.

Where’s Aubrey at the Barns in Berryville 1.29.17

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Where’s Aubrey will play a benefit for Habitat for Humanity’s work in Clarke County FRIDAY 1.29.17 at the Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville, VA.


Learn more about Habitat for Humanity in Clarke County.

100% of proceeds from the concert go to Habitat.

We will be releasing our eighth CD the day of the show. Art by Eli McGraw. Music by Rhine Singleton and Gary McGraw. At the show, we’ll be playing all of the songs from the new CD plus some of your favorite Where’s Aubrey tunes.

We will be joined on stage by Allen Kitselman and Nick Schrenk of the Bitter Liberals.

See you Friday!

Where’s Aubrey in the Studio


On a day that started with a very early drive by the frozen Shenandoah River, we headed to National Media Services to record an all new Where’s Aubrey CD. The songs were written in India, worked over in Italy, recombobulated in New Hampshire over several days, performed live in Virginia and were finally ready for the crucible that is the studio.

Will Shenk and Rhine Singleton prepping

Will Shenk and Rhine Singleton prepping

Rhine Singleton of Where's Aubrey

Rhine Singleton of Where’s Aubrey

Will Shenk, the master sound engineer was once again a joy to work with.

Will Shenk setting up Gary McGraw

Will Shenk setting up Gary McGraw

Just a few mics for this session.  Gary McGraw of Where's Aubrey/

Just a few mics for this session. Gary McGraw of Where’s Aubrey/

The highlight of the day was the addition of James Muschler of Moon Hooch on the tabla. Just wow. So much fun to play with James!

James Muschler of Moon Hooch records with Where's Aubrey

James Muschler of Moon Hooch records with Where’s Aubrey

Now comes the engineering, which will take several weeks. And then a brand new CD!