Where’s Aubrey, Hole now on Spotify

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Where’s Aubrey’s ninth record is also available on many streaming services including spotify, apple music, and youtube music.  Click the cover to launch spotify.  Each song also linked to spotify.

Ever Enough

Holes in My Pride

Drawing Back Your Blade

Restless Water

These Ain’t my Pearls

Forty Crows

Take it Away

Eli’s Song

Full Up

Far too Empty

It Ain’t that Far to Fall

One More Roadhouse


The record was released November 11, 2023 (double spinal tap day) during a show at the Barns of Rose Hill.

First Music of 2023

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An important new year’s resolution for me this year is to play more music.  We started things right with a session on January 2nd.  Rhine came into town for a day.  Clark popped by for some music.  Our best audience was lulled to sleep.

Playing in the living room.

We had some Scot Toddy’s in Romey’s xmas cups and kept the bar open late.



Birthday Show in New Hampshire: Where’s Aubrey

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Where’s Aubrey
photo by Tom Singleton

What’s the best way to celebrate birthday 52? With a show in New Hampshire of course. Where’s Aubrey played a show in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire for a receptive audience at the Mole Hill Theater. As always, we played a benefit performance, this time for the LEAF (nutritious lunch) program of a public charter school operating out of the same revamped machine shop where we played the show.


A machine

We played our sets right next to a huge blue machine. Not sure what it actually used to do. Stamp out complete cars??

Where’s Aubrey and the big blue machine

The show was high energy and fun, one of the best we’ve played.

Where’s Aubrey: Gary McGraw and Rhine Singleton

Laying into the fiddle

Rhine sings

Mando and the big blue behemoth

Where’s Aubrey in Alstead, NH

no silly allowed? definitely no silly.

fiddle and the big blue behemoth

What kind of stuff does it take to play an acoustic act??

the stage

Well, to be fair, we played our two set show. Then after a break we electrified the whole thing with drums, bass, and electric guitar. The LEAF Cutters were born. Dancing happened. Much fun was had.

A message from Rhine

Dear Friends and Music Lovers –

Because you and so many others turned out last Saturday night, we not only had a total blast playing music, we raised $1250 for the healthy lunches program at the LEAF school through donations at the door. The silent auction brought in another $1000, so the event truly was a smashing success!

And, you were a wonderful audience to play for. So, we’re sending our heartfelt thanks. Hope to see you at another music event before too long!


Where’s Aubrey at the Barns in Berryville 1.29.17

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Where’s Aubrey will play a benefit for Habitat for Humanity’s work in Clarke County FRIDAY 1.29.17 at the Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville, VA.


Learn more about Habitat for Humanity in Clarke County.

100% of proceeds from the concert go to Habitat.

We will be releasing our eighth CD the day of the show. Art by Eli McGraw. Music by Rhine Singleton and Gary McGraw. At the show, we’ll be playing all of the songs from the new CD plus some of your favorite Where’s Aubrey tunes.

We will be joined on stage by Allen Kitselman and Nick Schrenk of the Bitter Liberals.

See you Friday!

Where’s Aubrey in the Studio


On a day that started with a very early drive by the frozen Shenandoah River, we headed to National Media Services to record an all new Where’s Aubrey CD. The songs were written in India, worked over in Italy, recombobulated in New Hampshire over several days, performed live in Virginia and were finally ready for the crucible that is the studio.

Will Shenk and Rhine Singleton prepping

Will Shenk and Rhine Singleton prepping

Rhine Singleton of Where's Aubrey

Rhine Singleton of Where’s Aubrey

Will Shenk, the master sound engineer was once again a joy to work with.

Will Shenk setting up Gary McGraw

Will Shenk setting up Gary McGraw

Just a few mics for this session.  Gary McGraw of Where's Aubrey/

Just a few mics for this session. Gary McGraw of Where’s Aubrey/

The highlight of the day was the addition of James Muschler of Moon Hooch on the tabla. Just wow. So much fun to play with James!

James Muschler of Moon Hooch records with Where's Aubrey

James Muschler of Moon Hooch records with Where’s Aubrey

Now comes the engineering, which will take several weeks. And then a brand new CD!