Woo hoo! Team Tartan Sails (Kinda)

Today Team Tartan sailed a virtual Leukemia Cup one week early since we’ll be scattered to the winds during the actual race next week. The good news is that we won the race! Sadly, we also came in last.

We’ve been raising money for the Leukemia Cup for nine years. This year, with your help, we set a new Team Tartan record. So far we’ve raised $101,635.01! But we’re not done yet. Donations are still being accepted on our webpage http://bit.ly/team-tartan-2017 through Saturday 9/9 at 12:00am. Every dollar goes to fight blood cancer. Our donations are making a BIG tangible difference in leukemia research.

Team Tartan’s Best Burgee

Special huge Team Tartan thanks are due to Phil Venables who started things off this year with a massive $75,000 donation and then topped us up another $8000 when we were just shy of $100,000. Phil, Team Tartan couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you again!

This year since our race was virtual, Faith and Anna joined the seasoned crew on the water.

Headed out to win and also lose.

Brothers from the very same mother

Our canine crew was the most helpful since they were not all that interested in the champagne we popped as we approached our first buoy.

I got the jib, guys

Champagne? Nah

In an exclusive video, we now let you aboard the Team Tartan vessel as it executes an exceptionally outstanding turn round buoy one. Watch this action.

Just like last year, we were hampered by sea grass fouling our rudders, keel, and engines. We would have definitely placed exactly the same if not for the grass.

Our Nemesis is Nature

Burgees and an Airplane

Seasoned Crew of Team Tartan

Thanks from Team Tartan!

Thanks to all of our supporters! Fortitudine!