After a hectic week on the road in Europe it was nice to be back home in Virginia. While I was gone, I missed the friday night opening of Winslow McCagg’s solo art show at the Burwell-Morgan Mill. So I went by myself on Sunday to have a look.

The Mill is an interesting setting for abstract art. Winslow’s art is striking and very well executed. Beautiful work.

My favorite painting in the show was called River Goddess.

River Goddess by Winslow McCagg. The interplay between two levels of reading/seeing is particularly striking in this work. Clear and crisp meet cloudy and ethereal. All with gorgeous blues.

Rural Colonial meets abstract meets Rural Colonial.

Pollock in a sunflower.

Winslow himself came by while I was looking.

The artist.

One of these years I hope to acquire some of this work. Thanks for creating it Winslow, it is excellent.

We’ll close with a short film I found on vimeo.

The Art of Winslow McCagg from Erica Garber on Vimeo.