Every year when we head down to The Stick for two weeks, I leave my garden in pristine condition. When I come back, it is always amazing how much things have changed. Lets find out how this unfolds using some pictures!

The pre-beach garden gestalt. The screen door better keep the bugs out!

Tomatoes…or is that tomatos?! Dan Quayle would know.

Tomato pile pre chaos.

Cantaloupe and watermellon. These guys will take over the entire garden given enough rain.

Cantaloupe mound.

Watermellon not even off the hill yet.

Giant pumpkin and hot pepper pod.

Giant pumpkin.

Hot pepper pod (up by the tomato plants).

The corn is tiny! In fact, plantation #3 just went in today.

Corn. Low to high in three plantations.

Beans and squash. Essential garden products.

Zucchini, squash, sweet peppers, late lettuce, carrots and weeds rounds it all out.

Tini zucchini and squash.

Sweet peppers and weeds.

Can’t wait to see what happens!