How to make wild boar ragù.

Start with a superb epicurious recipe. Get some wild boar (shoulder is best but chops will work as well).

Make sure to seriously brown the boar (stew is flavored best that way) in cast iron (with the clarified onion). Deglaze the skillet with the red wine and use all of the crispy carbon bits when you switch pans.

Switch to copper braising pot for a long stew (notice the carmelization).

Heat tomato to a simmer before adding spices and herbs.

Use fresh herbs. The savory smell in the kitchen is now amazing.

Let the fat render. Cooking time should be 4-6 hours simmering with the lid ajar for two hours, and the lid on once most of the liquid is gone.

During the simmering have an Old Fashioned or three. Walk by the Shenandoah with the dogs.

Serve on fresh fettucini with sharp aged asiago grated over.

Eat with friends, wine, cocktails, cheesy scallops to start, some avocado salad. Adjourn to the bar. Let the dogs in. Laugh. Drink.