Sometimes the doldrums strike even at the Stick.  Intensely hot. No wind.  The Stick is usually a place of respite with crosswinds blowing through the house, but we up and left when it was just too hot.  This is likely to be more common as climate change unfolds.  That is, until the Stick is eaten by the Atlantic ocean.

We flew the usual flags.

In any case, we dragged a bunch of stuff down from the cabin.  So that was accomplished.

Which also means we got to get rid of some stuff.  UHaul at the dump!

All gone.

The dogs had fun when they were not completely overheated.  Maybe loves the beach.

Check out the baby puppy Maybeline in the water!

Life is but a bowl of dog food.

Oh yeah, there were cocktails too! Served up on the new bar.

Dark and Stormy

Gin and Tonic

Colt’s Neck

Of course, more dogs in the ocean.  Which sometimes means the baby has to be dried off.

One of my very favorite views.  We will, of course, be back.  Two visits slated for the Fall.