Regina Spektor plays circles around Aimee Mann at Wolf Trap

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I mean, Aimee Mann was really good.  But Regina Spektor is in a completely different league.

Still, Aimee Mann played some greats.

Like “Save Me”

But Regina was better and she played some favorites too.

Like “Fidelity”

And “Samson”

But above all, this magical “Becoming All Alone”

We had a great evening with Donnie and Geri, sneaking bourbon mint fizz cocktails into Wolf Trap.


Aimee Mann Plays Lincoln

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If you have not yet listened to Aimee Mann’s new LP Mental Illness, stop reading and get it. It’s great work.

Like me, you may listen to it over and over again as it seeps into your brain. Track 1 Goose Snow Cone is my favorite new song (especially the string arrangement).

Played live, the songs are just as powerful even though the string quartet is not on the tour (replaced by a fantastic pianist and his trusty synthesizer). Anybody who knows me knows how I feel about real strings. Hire more violinists!

Aimee Mann played the Lincoln Theater last Thursday with Jonathan Coulton and a supporting band that includes her producer on bass. The band was super talented.

The Lincoln Theater stage. View from the balcony is very good.

Sound and light guys never get any credit

Aimee played most of the songs from her new LP during the show.