Team Tartan Sails into the Sunset


First things first.  Thanks to our many many donors over the years, Team Tartan has raised $404,661.61 since 2012.  We actually started sailing in 2009 on flying scots, but our major fundraising started only when we moved up to the big boats.  We sail in honor of my mom and Ann Myers, both of who were blood cancer victims.

Here’s a breakdown of our fundraising through the years.  We were the number one fundraiser in the DC Leukemia Cup every year we sailed (including this year). FWIW, the cup is yours again! For two years we were #2 in the entire country, and one year we were #3.

Special mention must be made of donor Phil Venables, who, though he did not participate in 2021, was our top fundraiser seven times running, donating a total of $247,000!  Holy cow.  Thanks Phil.

You can read about our various adventures on the water here:


Which brings us to 2021, our last year on the water.  This year Team Tartan took the cup again, raising $38,600 (so far…feel free to donate here).  We appreciate each and every one of the 110 donors who participated this year!  Together we have made a real impact on blood cancer research.


We sailed Hiatus this year instead of Rebecca.  And we were rusty.  And perhaps out of practice.  And Esther was on shore.  But we did have the best snacks and the most chill crew!  That’s it…snacks!

Oh yeah, and covid.  We took quick covid tests before intersecting our pods on the boat.  Cora is only three and not yet vaccinated.  Are you?  GET VACCINATED.

Eli (snack cup in hand)


Captain Chris




On the water (and very likely way behind). LOL.


Captain Esther stayed with Cora on land

The races went something like this.  Last place and last place.  It was a long day, but we had some fun.

Why are all those other boats in front of us?


SNACKS for the crew! Dark and Stormy.


Even Stretch gets snacks.


We did celebrate


Go team tartan!


And thank you again. Fair sails all!



The Cup is Yours (take 2): or Leukemia Cup 2013 Victory


With over 100 individual donors, Team Tartan came in first in fundraising for the second year running, this time raising over $25,550 ($.60 over in fact) to fund research and wipe out blood cancer. Together with our fellow sailors, the DC Leukemia Cup Regatta crew raised $160,000 all told.

BTW, you can still chip in here if you feel like piling on!

Before the day.

Before the day.

Special Team Tartan thanks to Phil Venables who made an eye-popping $15K donation to our efforts. But everybody’s donation, large or small, is worthy of thanks and praise. So thank you all for the support and the donations that helped us raise so much for a superb cause. The Cup is yours!

The Cup is yours!

The Cup is yours!

This year, with over 100 boats participating on the water we took second place (again, we know, we know), narrowly finishing behind a well-sailed J-boat that notched one more first-place bullet than we did in the three race regatta series. (A blow-by-blow description of the races is being concocted, er, written soon.)

Team Tartan takes the Cup.

Team Tartan takes the Cup.

Congratulations on winning the cup! Your donations help bring life saving drugs like Gleevac into existence. Gleevac helped save the life of Reagan, the honorary skipper in the regatta pictured with us here. You go Reagan!!

Reagan's life was saved by research we all sponsor.

Reagan’s life was saved by research we all sponsor.

Did we party?! Why yes, we did.

Did we party?!

Did we party?!