The new peacocks escaped peacock prison shortly after procurement in early September. See, the thing about peacocks is that they take 6 weeks to acclimatize to any new location. If you don’t put them in peacock prison the tiny magnets in their tiny peacock brains prod them into setting off for their previous home. So the new peacocks were in prison, but then there was a prison break.

Long gone. For over two months. We figured they were dead.

Imagine our surprise when our friend (formerly known as “no show” and now known as “turn up”) Glassell called us this afternoon and asked whether we had peacocks. Seems that the birds were living in the woods by the road that runs past the river. I guess foraging in the winter is too much of a challenge. Or maybe the hunters chased them out. Or something.

They ended up in Glassell’s shed. She now calls herself the peacock whisperer. We just drove the truck over and picked them up. Amy wrestled them into a portable dog crate and a few minutes later they were back in peacock prison. Let the pea brain magnet reset countdown begin…

The peacocks emerge from the crate. "Oh no, trapped again!"

Peacock prison is not all that awful. At least there is food and water in the winter.