Marcus goes to Chernobyl. Read about it here I was reminded of the Polidori exhibit on Chernobyl (zones of exclusion) that I saw at the Tate a few years ago or maybe it was in Montreal. Human insignificance shines through Polidori’s work in the form of dissolving cities.

Meanwhile, the safety situation here in the United States could not be more different. Some hourly Verizon guys in trucks asked permission to park in our driveway to check a nearby pole. We thought it was great when they set out orange safety cones in case the traffic on our driveway became confused. As if the yellow flashing lights were not enough…

Safety cones in the driveway. I bet their supervisor makes her kids wear bike helmets.

We spent the afternoon blowing as many clay pigeons as we could out of mid air. Jack is a good shot. Fits right in with the rest of us well-armed liberals.