Birthday week was a really good one for original music with appearances in multiple cities.

We went to hear Ditched by Kate on the 25th at Jammin Java. Front man Phil Rossie put on an excellent show and even made an unscheduled appearance in the white stretch limo we hired to ferry our posse around.

Landon's white stretch was way more fun that we figured.

Mixing Liberals in the limo during the show was one of my favorite aspects of the limo idea.

Somebody had lots of fun.

Then in San Francisco on the way back from Firefly, the taxi driver, jrod indigo, was playing some very interesting funk/soul…his own. Like a cross between Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. We bought a couple of CDs.

The very next day, the inestimable Alexa Weber Morales, onetime editor in chief of Software Development magazine, played two all original latin jazz sets during our BSIMM Mixer. I sat in on a couple of tunes with the band.

Django meets piano jazz.

The intarwebs has not stamped out original music yet!