How does your garden grow? Mid-June is here. July is below. Amazing difference.

Post-beach garden gestalt. Much taller.

Tomatoes…or is that tomatos?! Dan Quayle would know.

The tomato pile has produced 8 or so fruits. 80 to go.

Cantaloupe and watermellon. These guys will take over the entire garden given enough rain.

First cantaloupe is almost ripe.

Watermellon. Already a couple of fruits going.

Giant pumpkin and hot pepper pod.

Giant Pumpkin [1 of 2]. The second is a volunteer that self-seeded.

Hot peppers have been producing for several weeks.

The corn is no longer tiny! In fact, plantation #3 was properly “knee high by the 4th of July.”

Corn low to high in three plantations.

Beans and squash. Essential garden products. Well, we thought it was squash. Make that a musk mellon instead!

Zucchini, sweet peppers, late lettuce, carrots, weeds and sunflowers rounds it all out.

And a bonus shot of the morning glories (well what’s left after the horse got at it).

Morning glory. No flowers yet, but probably next week if it starts raining some more.