Leukemia Cup 2011.

Commodore Chris, Team Tartan, and I are proud to announce that because of your supremely magnanimous generosity we have exceeded our Team Tartan fundraising goal. So far, we’ve collectively raised $20,000 to fight blood cancer. Thanks to all of you, and especially to our longtime supporters who plussed up 10% this year. Awesome.

Donations are still coming in, and are most welcome right up to race time this Saturday! Track the total here

A special thanks to Phil Venables who has been a major donor to our boat for multiple years. This year Phil went above and beyond the call of duty, donating $10,000 to the cause. Thanks to Phil, we not only beat our goal, we clobbered it!

Now it’s up to Team Tartan, sailing in kilts and other Scottish garb, to take to the water and win. Come join us Saturday if you can. Fortitudine!

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