I am just out of the studio working for two days mixing the new Where’s Aubrey CD (which will be called Chaukori Blue). The new work has 12 songs, all of which we performed live in Berryville in early January. All of the songs were written by Rhine Singleton when he was living in India (near Chaukori it turns out).

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Here is what the song sounded like in the earliest recording made in India.

We first played this song together in Italy in May 2014 in a tiny little town called Cedri. We played it way late at night and annoyed the little old lady next door.

Here’s a story of how the song evolved from when I first heard it to now.

Where's Aubrey sets up for a dinner concert in Montelopio, Tuscany

Where’s Aubrey sets up for a dinner concert in Montelopio, Tuscany

I spent some time in New Hampshire in October working hard for a few days on all 12 of the new songs. We started with way more than that, narrowed the list, and then began to deconstruct, hook up, re-arrange, and refactor songs in various ways. The bones were all there (and most of the words too), but almost every song got a serious work over into a Where’s Aubrey song.

Here is the first recorded version of A Blue Blue Day. We recorded this with a nexus 6 sitting on a chair in the room where we were playing it.

Version 2 was recorded several hours later.

Then we really worked the songs (including this one) in January to get ready to perform it. Here is what A Blue Blue Day sounded like live in concert in January. (More from that show here.)

Playing the material live before recording was interesting and backwards from our usual approach. But it worked. When we got back together in February to record, the songs were “compiled.”

Rhine Singleton of Where's Aubrey

Rhine Singleton of Where’s Aubrey

Here is the RAW version from one of three studio takes we did in February. (See the post about the studio sessions here.)

Today, I spent an hour engineering the track into a “final” pre-mastered version. Here is what A Blue Blue Day will sound like on the CD

And there you have it. A song from inception to a CD.

In the studio with Will Shenk.

In the studio with Will Shenk.

Chaukori Blue will be released sometime in the summer.