A Saturday in Virginia

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So you start with Belgian waffles and bacon, but between the waffles you put puree of paw paw picked a few days before on the farm. Besides butter, you also need some Hickory syrup made nearby.

Then comes some shooting on a pretty Fall afternoon. Shotguns (12 and 16 gauge; no shells for the 20 gauge) for skeet. Then some plinking with 22’s and a glock 9. We decided to shoot a couple of osage oranges with the 243. Blooey. Much fun was had.

Followed by a quick dinner and shower before going to see a world class Dublin-based pianist play Beethoven’s Emperor concerto (so weird about the between movement key change). Gorgeous night and fantastic concert.

Today I had to clean the guns.

College and the Arts: Elias String Quartet


Monday night in college and the arts land it was Beethoven. We went to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco to hear the Elias String Quartet play three Beethoven Quartets. For more on what this fantastic quartet is doing, also see the beethoven project.

Jacob, Jonathan, and Eli enter a church

Jacob, Jonathan, and Eli enter a church

St Mark's Lutheran Church

St Mark’s Lutheran Church

The Elias Quartet

The Elias Quartet

The music was sublime and moving. Wow. Listen.

Sara Bitlloch, violin
Donald Grant, violin
Martin Saving, viola
Marie Bitlloch, cello

From Beethoven String Quartet in F minor, Opus 95 “Serioso” (3rd movement)

Beethoven String Quartet in F Major, Opus 135
Assai lento, contante e traquillo
Grave, ma non toppo tratto; Allegro

Beethoven String Quartet in C-sharp minor, Opus 131