LACMA 2019

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The LACMA is an excellent museum even when most of the permanent collection is stashed away during renovation. Contemporary art it is!

LACMA lights

The new building (not done yet)

NPS was here

College and the Arts: LACMA


College tours are boring. Art is not. So to make a great trip out of looking at a bunch of colleges, what you do is add art every day.

On #collegeandthearts tour with #2, we’ll document the arts part here.

Not in Kansas

Not in Kansas

Stop one was UC Irvine, which being near LA means a visit to the LACMA right in the middle of town. LACMA hack of the year: bring a minor under 18 and get in free.

We spent our cash on a refresher at the Stark bar instead.

12 mile limit at Stark Bar LACMA

12 mile limit at Stark Bar LACMA

Eli and Kandinsky

Eli and Kandinsky





Who knew that lumber could dance?





One view of LA from the LACMA


Feeling inspired, we headed to Topanga for dinner.

College and the Arts: LACMA

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Pomona, USC, UCLA, Emerson (Hollywood)…whatever.

The LACMA was a great break from the college tour. Watching Jack watch art. Yep.

LACMA. My favorite LA museum.

Jack got to see my favorite painting in LA.

Jack with Kandinsky's Improvisation III.

Found art.

Who made what? Who left what in the doorway?

Made art.

Sandstone window from Thailand.