I’ve always admired the environmental art of Goldsworthy (we saw some at Stanford this year). A few years ago Eli and I started moving rocks around in the river, building walls and swimming holes, sitting rocks and natural jacuzzis. It’s gotten pretty big over the years. I tried capturing the installation in bits this year. Not so easy.

Maybe a video?

Or two?

One of the features of the river art are a series of really huge sitting rocks. They are spaced out according to hours, making a chronograph of sorts (and allowing a river visitor to stay in the sun on a rock until 7pm-ish).

The 4 o’clock rock.

The 5 o’clock rock.

The 6 o’clock rock.

The 7 o’clock rock.

Each rock is surrounded by walls in a round “pod.” The pods are connected with walls and trails cleared of big rocks. This is tje 7 o’clock pod.

The wall of the swimming hole, which was our first major project a few years ago.

But really, what’s this all for? Let my co-creator demonstrate.