Homemade Ginger Beer

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The dark and stormy is a famous drink of sailors worldwide. The usual way to make a dark and stormy is to liberally add a bunch of good rum to some real ginger beer. The more drinks you have, the more rum and less ginger beer ends up in the mix. This leads to talking like a pirate and toe sailing in most situations.

For the house dark and stormy, we’re getting fancy First off we use Amy’s homemade ginger beer (grated ginger, yeast, sugar, water plus time). Then we add some Angostura bitters and lime to the ginger beer to plus it up.

Dark and Stormy ][+
2 oz Mt Gay Extra Old Rum (could use Goslings)
3/4 cup fresh ginger geer
4 dashes Angostura bitters
1/2 oz fresh lime
Stir the ginger beer, bitters and lime together in a whiskey glass with a big ice cube. Float the rum over the mixture.

Did we party?!

Did we party?!

What to do with an Unripe Watermellon

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All gardeners know the hazards of not waiting long enough to pick the first watermellon of the season. It’s big. It looks great. It feels right. It makes the right “thonk” when you thump it.

But no. It’s still white inside when you cut into it! Horrors. And just when the tomatoes are going haywire too!

Somebody else had an unripe watermellon too.  Looks like this.

Somebody else had an unripe watermellon too. Looks like this.

Here’s what to do.

Cut out the meat of the mellon and strain it through a tea cloth yielding fresh watermellon juice. Chill that.

The Green Watermellon Flip (a cocktail)
3 cups (or so) watermellon juice
3 oz gin
juice of 1 lime

Combine the first three ingredients over ice in a bar cup. Stir down.
Pour into a highball with huge cubes. Add 1.5 oz of super hot Ginger Beer to flip it.