Seven Mile on the AT (in the backyard hike)

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Start 4.5 miles from home (less than a mile from Jen’s house). Hike seven miles. Is it a roller coaster? Yes it is.

Seven mile.

Here is the story in pictures.

Park the truck on Jen’s road.

Foundation (not the Asimov one)

Orange sprite.

Lunch spot off the trail

Up to this point, we saw 7 people (one walked by while we were eating lunch…going our way). 6 Were going the other way.

Lunch WILL be here!

We were passed by an old man with a stick. He was on his way up and then back down.

Jack and I stayed in this shelter in the rain when he was 5

The roller coaster ends at Bear’s Den. Shew!

Bear’s Den feet of the orange sprite…which are purple?!

Home field advantage (monastery from the hill).


A Woodpecker, a Cinematographer, and a Fiddle

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Earth dances includes over 20 performers. Our family included three. Saturday’s show had an audience of over 100.

Amy as the guide, a red cockaded woodpecker.

Jack shoots the show.

Concentration during Wolf Talk.

Earth Dances in Bluemont

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What: Earth Dances- Evening length multi-media dance performance and walking excursion (a.k.a. Jen Ston’s Master’s Thesis in Choreography)

When: Saturday Oct 20 and Sunday 21, 2012 at 6pm

Where: 33834 Snickersville Tpke Bluemont, VA 20135
(next door to the Bluemont Community Center, the Stone’s Field where the Children’s Fair is located during the Bluemont Fair.)

Who: Professional modern dancer Jen Stone with her professional and community dancers, musicians (hey, that’s us: Anna Billman, Gina Faber, Allen Kitselman, and Gary McGraw), and visual artists. Over 20 performers in the show! Amy Barley will be your guide.

Suggested Donation: $10-$20 adults, Kids FREE- 50% of the proceeds will go to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center http://www.Blueridgewildlife.org.

Please make checks out to:
Blue Ridge Wildlife Center

Credit Cards accepted at Performance.

More info can be found at www.inner-sun-yoga.com on the Earth Dances page and on Facebook Earth Dances Oct 20 and 21.

The show includes a reprise of Wolf Talk.

Wolf Talk ( at Glen Echo)


The second performance of the dance Wolf Talk (captured Sunday 11/13/11 at Glen Echo Park). Jen Stone directed and performed.

Wolf Talk 2nd Performance from Jen Stone on Vimeo.

Improvising to modern dance was a challenge and was a great deal of fun too.

Cynthia says…

Who are these wolves?

Oysters and Wolves

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Pooh grows oysters and writes music for movies.

Counting Oysters from Y. David Chung on Vimeo.

Jen is a dancer currently choreographing a piece based on wolves. The lead in sounds are by a Colorado wolf pack, including a wolf who used to live with Jen and is now back in the wilds.

Gina and I are improvising music along with the dance. We will perform the resulting piece at Glen Echo park on November 13th.